Self-reflective practices such as meditation allow us to see not only how we are responsible for our own feelings (others really can’t “make us feel” anything), but also how whatever we may be experiencing as a feeling or belief is a choice that we are making in that moment.

People want to argue with me to the death on this but I’ll say it again – there is always a choice. If we lack the inner awareness then we can unconsciously pay attention to or give power to feelings that may be overwhelming and ultimately more destructive than helpful. These thought process loops can unnecessarily charge up our feelings with more frequency which in turn disturbs our body’s inner peace. When you take a step back from the thinking mind and start to observe your thoughts and feelings you instantly shift your experience. Too often we are consumed by vicious cycles of thinking and feeling that cause our body unhealthy stress and anxiety. We can find balance by observing our thoughts and questioning their origin and meaning rather simply reacting to them.

Monday Mantra: Today I choose to simply observe the thought loops in my head without identifying with them or believing them. Rather I will choose to let go and trust. 

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