Sea Glass Inspiration

Broken glass both sharp and fragile 
surviving rip tides and 
traveling depths unknown
Shattered. Abandoned.

Exiled in icy waters – each piece must tumble alone.

Jagged edges soften, get rounder,
new shapes form. A protective coating grows.
Transformed by time and mother nature, shards become glitter litter washed ashore.

Each piece goes from trash to treasure,
becomes sought after and collected. ~Christine White

So how long does it take for a piece of broken glass trash to become a treasured jewel of sea? There seems to be varying opinions on this weighty topic, but the most common answer from “the brain” (what I call Google) is 7 to 10 years. In terms of transforming one’s own life from pain/chaos/fear/uncertainty/anxiety to balance, joy and peace, and depending on one’s own level of resistance that sounds pretty typical. As with anything regarding people there are no set timelines. The only truth is it takes a lot of years to unlearn what we think we know. A lot of years to let go of and unwind our stubborn habits, our fears, and our control…to finally surrender to the messages our heart has been waiting for us to hear.

Another simplistic thought about broken glass and life – a piece of broken glass gets picked up on the beach, put in the trash, taken to the landfill…done. OR, a piece of broken glass on the beach gets swept up into the sea, tumbled around as mentioned above, to once more arrive on the beach as a precious jewel. Which one do you chose? Growth is not always easy, or even very pretty…but in my book, it’s always the worthwhile path.

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