Love Yourself Anyway

That moment you realize your farts don’t smell like roses… and you love yourself anyway

Self love? Who are we kidding. I used to go around for decades saying I loved myself. No brainer. I obviously had no clue what self-love really meant. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t “think” I loved myself. But here’s the thing, my actions told an entirely different story.

What I couldn’t see was…

  • How I continually put others’ needs over my own. Not only that, but how I thought that was just me being a rock star by doing so.
  • How I thought if I could somehow make everyone else happy, they would adore me.
  • How I felt I was strong, independent and capable enough to take care of myself, and that was awesome because that way I don’t have to inconvenience anyone else to help me. “Look at me, I’m so easy and low maintenance!” Just more for people love about me! Oops!
  • How I consistently neglected myself – emotionally and physically.
  • How my inner self-talk was so negative and demeaning. (Don’t know what I mean? Drop a glass, scratch the car, forget where you put your keys and catch what you say to yourself).
  • How I thought striving for perfection – this driving need to be the perfect employee, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter – was somehow going to get me closer to being truly loved and accepted.

What’s most amazing is, when we do get to the point of experiencing true self love, life becomes way less complicated, and suddenly there’s all this extra inner space and energy available for us to expand into super powerful and healthy directions. Self-love is like doping on rocket fuel and it totally takes bad-assery to a whole new level of levels.

Best thing I can say here is drink up babes, and light… that… match!

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