Love Thyself

“If you love yourself, you’re selfish.” That’s what I always heard. I wasn’t mature enough to know that was her own pain talking. I just believed it.

When I took the time to finally try to understand my fears, heal my limiting beliefs (ongoing, by the way), stop people pleasing for approval, make myself a priority and deeply connect with who I am at my core, everything in my life shifted. It was like getting a new pair of glasses – the clarity on everything just ZOOMED forward! Suddenly I began living and choosing from a whole-hearted space of joy. Quite different from my usual place of fear and self-doubt, but it felt so calm and authentic.

I truly believe radical self-acceptance and the love that blooms from there is the key that unlocks the door to this type of freedom. Don’t let anybody or any group or anything at all tell you that you are selfish for making your needs a priority. And bless those people who taught their kids to always be this way from the start. What an enormous gift they received!

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