Change The Way You Think

As is always said in the photography world, it’s “all about the light.” Beginners quickly realize how important lighting is on any subject, whether they’re photographing the Grand Canyon, or their child’s face. Light can make your subject amazing, or totally not, depending. And sometimes, when we’re not getting the results we want, we have to revisit our subject again and again, in different light conditions, at different times before we are finally satisfied.

It hit me as I was walking the beach in the soft morning light today, how similar light is to our perspective and how what we believe about anything can make all the difference. We may not always be able to control the lighting conditions, however, how we perceive something, or what we choose to believe about any situation is TOTALLY within our control. But here’s the thing, most of us don’t think we have any control over our thinking or the way we view a situation. We rarely question why we think the way we do and we rarely put our beliefs to the test, or even try to understand how they got there.

Mostly we are led by our reactions. Guided by our fears, insecurities and vague assumptions. Pulled along by out-dated beliefs or long ago hurts or traumas, our days are spent responding and reacting in a very unconscious way.

When you break it down, our thoughts create our emotions, which in turn lead to our actions. What is your own level of awareness of how your thoughts and beliefs are shapeshifting your world? Often we never even realize that we actually have a choice in how to view our circumstances, situations, people around us and more.

How would our lives be different if, rather than simply reacting, we purposefully and consciously took a step back to question our beliefs and thinking?  I realize that’s not an easy task and it’s something that requires a lot of effort in the beginning. Maybe each time we find ourselves reacting we instead stop, take a deep breath, and consider for a moment, why we want to respond the way we do and ask ourselves if perhaps there is another choice in that moment. A choice that isn’t destructive or hurtful, but rather, aligns with the better version of ourselves. That feels more like growth. That’s real evolution.




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