. Self-reflective practices such as meditation allow us to see not only how we are responsible for our own feelings (others really can’t “make us feel” anything), but also how whatever we may be experiencing as a feeling or belief is a choice that we are making in that ...

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Change The Way You Think

As is always said in the photography world, it’s “all about the light.” Beginners quickly realize how important lighting is on any subject, whether they’re photographing the Grand Canyon, or their child’s face. Light can make your subject amazing, or totally not, depending. And sometimes, when we’re ...

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Just for Now

Just for now -Dana Faulds Just for now without asking how, let yourself sink into stillness. Just for now, lay down the weight you so patiently bear upon your shoulders. Feel the earth receive you, and the infinite expanse of the sky grow even wider as your awareness reaches up to meet ...

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